Julia was born in 1982 and raised in the San Francisco bay area. She is the author of the unfortunately titled autobiographical books Fart Party vol 1 & 2 (Atomic Books) and Drinking at the Movies (Three Rivers Press) She lives in Greenpoint in Brooklyn, NY with a cat who’s a total asshole.

Julia’s works include:
Fart Party vol 1
Fart Party vol 2
Drinking at the Movies (Sep 2010)
And here’s a tedious list of interviews and book reviews.

questions and love/hate mail can be sent directly to Julia at juliajwertz(at)gmail(dot)com. You can contact me for everything, but if you insist on doing it the businessy way, please contact
my agent Michelle Brower at michelle(at)foliolit(dot)com
for review copies of Drinking at the Movies, contact stchan(at)randomhouse(dot)com
for review copies of Fart Party vol 1 or 2, contact rachel(at)atomicbooks(dot)com

I love getting real mail, so please send trinkets and treats to my work studio, Pizza Island, at
649 Morgan Ave #2J
Brooklyn, NY 11222

And then of course there’s all that internet junk:

Pizza Island!

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