RIP Fart Party


After 6 years of posting on, I’m moving to where I will be posting all new material roughly thrice a week. You can also follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

If this is your first time on this site, feel free to go through the archives of my old material. Samples of my last book, Drinking at the Movies, start here.

The comics posted on this site are a small sample of the comics collected in the Fart Party vol 1 & 2 and Drinking at the Movies, all of which are available on Amazon and in the store. Purchases directly from me are greatly appreciated and come with extras like drawings and mini comics.

and now, for the next some odd years, please bookmark and read new material on Museum of Mistakes

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24 thoughts on “RIP Fart Party”

  1. The extras from direct purchases are definitely worth it, I plan on framing my 6×8’s when I get more of them (and they’re signed!). You’re the best, Julia!

  2. Alas poor Fart Party, I knew thee well.

    But, much like your name, may you existence linger for years to come.

    *updates bookmarks*

  3. woah. ok. Gonna miss it. But times change and so on and so forth. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  4. ive been following your work since 2007 on this website and i dont think ive ever posted a comment, congrats on the new site, but please dont get all serious and shit on us, the internet is already full of people taking themselves too seriously and your work is silly and refreshing and sometimes reflective and insightful, thanks for sharing and good luck.

  5. Thanks for all those great cartoons, you enriched many otherwise dull hours of my life. you tell stories better than most novelists. And your funny.

  6. Looks like Miss Wertz is becoming a proper grown-up after all. Is it because of the big three-oh? And I hope your new domain recovers all the traffic from

    ::updates bookmarks::

  7. geeez you guys, I’m just changing URL’s, I’m not changing my comics. And I’m also only 28, although I certainly welcome old age.

  8. I was a little worried when I read the title of this post. But I’m glad to see that the Fart Party hasn’t gone, it’s just been reborn.
    I bookmarked your new site.

  9. Damit Julia — stop changing.

    I have a model in my mind of your character and it’s funny. So that’s that.

    Oh right — you’re an actual person. So, never mind.

    Carry on. Evolve.

  10. So, I know this is not what everyone else is saying, but I am so GLAD you are changing URLs. I am very fancy, and blush every time I have to tell a friend that I read a comic called “Fart Party.” Plus, it has a habit of auto-completing itself on my browser at the most awkward times…

  11. OH NO not RIP barking spiders.
    Those damn elusive barking spiders you can always hear them but they are fast and I haven’t seen one in years.
    They must eat shit because their breath smells like it

  12. I can’t believe I’m the only one who hasn’t commented on the utter appropriateness of a post entitled “RIP” for a strip called the Fart Party.

  13. I only just found out about Fart Party as a copy somehow found its way into my bathroom. It’s so refreshing to read a woman’s work who isn’t afraid of saying FART, PERIOD, and other dirty words. Celebrate the Feminine Profane!
    Unfortunately I am penniless so can offer no further support than these empty words…..

  14. I am an artist too. Once I was ashamed of of photographs and films I made when I was younger. I threw some away, buried others. I was ashamed of who I was at the time and wanted to distance myself from anything I made during those years. But I grew older and revisited the work and saw it had much value. I think you will do the same. You may be ashamed of who you were back then, but don’t be ashamed of The Fart Party. The Fart Party is honest, real, bold, daring…and for God’s sake, don’t be ashamed of the title. The title is the reason many even found your’s a brilliant title. In time, you will see. Don’t stab your readers in the heart by dissing The Fart Party. It is a big mistake.

  15. I didn’t imply any of that in this post. I just changed the website name because I got tired of it, that’s all. I still make the same kinds of comics and it hasn’t proved to be a mistake at all.

  16. From

    “PS: this was just a very long way of saying I am embarrassed by all my previously published work and hope that my future work will be a little bit better.”

    I wasnt referring to just this post. Cmon, dude.

  17. there’s a difference between being embarrassed by early work, and “dissing” early work. I’m not dissing any of my work or the name Fart Party. I simply got tired of the name and explaining what it means. Embarrassment of early work is a good thing, I think, it means the person making it is moving on and growing up. I’m not saying it’s all bad, just that I want to move away from it, and that is by no means a mistake. I take umbrage to people telling me something I feel or do is a mistake when it’s not their work nor do they know the future of the work they’re talking about. And i’m certainly not “ashamed” of my previous work or the person I was when I made it.

  18. I started reading these comics Saturday night, and just finished. I’m glad there will be more comics for my to read whilst I procrastinate.

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