8 thoughts on “DATM pages 11”

  1. Have you tried Drawn & Quarterly? There’s a decent comic scene in Montreal where their HQ is, I’m sure you’d fit right in.

  2. Just about finished with “Drinking at …” I’ve read the whole thing in the bath tub thus far. I now take baths again – It’s a good venue for your shitty comics 😉

  3. beautiful work!!!! your choice of words and they way they are used with your art is magnificent! it just works well! Love your work! fills me with joy!

  4. i completely sympathize with this right now. my brother had the same problem, but didn’t make it out. he kept doing things to himself that no one could stop, and it’s really hard because it was finally fatal. you always assume, “yeah, he messed up bad, but he’ll wake up soon and get better again…”
    i’m glad your brother has survived addiction and came out all right, as weird and stalkerish as that may sound.

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