DATM pages pt 1


To order Drinking at the Movies and/or Fart Party Vol 1 & 2, please visit the store
all books sold by me are $25, cheaper if you buy them all, and the whole package comes with more totally useless junk like buttons and mix cds. (The “wildly inappropriate” is the hand drawn panel, the others are not)

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11 thoughts on “DATM pages pt 1”

  1. hey, so you have outgrown fartparty and join the long line of artist names in links section of other cartoonists’ websites. Congratulations. It seems you are closing a chapter in your life (drinking, fartparty, regular job). correct me if I am wrong?

    So keep it up and all the best launching juliawertz.com. I already bookmarked it :)

  2. I found Drinking at the Movies recently in a bookstore and now I’m in love with Fart Party. But now it’s over :( I can’t wait to see the new work!

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