west coast tour!


First things first: Fart Party vol 1 is back in print! I will be selling some signed/doodled copies with free comics and small prints for $25 on this site in a few weeks, but if you want to order it now for less, it is available through Atomic Books

I’ll be embarking upon a mini west coast tour this weekend (so no updates here but I will continue to update my blog) if you live in the Bay Area or Portland, please stop by and say hello! But before I go, I’ll be doing a reading/discussion with Martin Lemelman at Word Bookstore tonight (10-12-10) in Greenpoint at 7:30. Then off to the west!

Oct 14th: Reading/slideshow/book release with Justin Hall, MariNaomi, Susie Cagle, Tessa Brunton, Kane Lynch and Jason Martin at Comic Relief in Berkeley, Ca, starts at 8pm

Oct 15th: book release party/signing with Vanessa Davis at Needles and Pens in San Francisco, 7-9pm

Oct 16th: APE in San Francisco. I will be there both days (sporadically) at the Sparkplug table. But I will be there FOR SURE saturday from 1-3

Oct 23rd: Book release party with Vanessa Davis at Reading Frenzy in Portland, OR. We’ll be doing slideshows and have baked goods galore! 7-9

When I return, I’ll be doing a fun “top 10 list” reading on Nov 3rd with a bunch of other awesome folks at Matchless Bar in Greenpoint. The line up is pretty weird/awesome. Starts at 8pm.

again, any changes and updates can be seen at Museum of Mistakes

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17 thoughts on “west coast tour!”

  1. re: Top 10 list at Matchless

    This has nothing to do with you or Fart Party, but I cannot tell you how much I hate the name Flavorpill.

    I HATE it. I reeks of so much smarmy, wiggery, pseudo-slick hipsterosity I just want to slap it. I don’t even know what it is, but it makes me ANGRY when I see it.

    Good luck on the book tour!

  2. I know comments on the internet aren’t the most persuasive medium but you should swing by Eugene.

    Right of course because it is that simple.

  3. Just got your Book/mini comic/Mix Cd. Great on all fronts. Reading your book and listening to the music you picked out filled me up with an array of feelings I wont bother posting on the internet, but it had an effect.

  4. Southern California is known for NWA and The Doors and so neither of those things are relevant now – there is a huge artistic vacuum here and I’m thinking graphic novels could fill that void.

    alls i’m saying is perhaps visit los angeles perhaps

  5. Ah, man. Wish I could make it to the Portland Reading Frenzy book reading. Oddly I will be out of Portland, visiting Chicago until that Sat night.
    …Maybe next time. And I hope you have fun in Portland – city of comics!

  6. Sorry about all the sweaty drunk zombie action…Portland is weird, but it’s usually weird in a less aggravating way. Even the people in Pioneer Square who smell like all the patchouli in the world took a dump on a hot plate are generally a good time. I guess zombie makeup gives some people psychological permission to act like a bag of wet something something…

    Thanks for coming and signin’ our book!

    Dylan and Val

  7. do you mean the orders from Atomic Books or the ones directly from me? if it’s Atomic Books, I dunno! if it’s from me, then they’ll go out wednesday since I just got back home from the west coast so I couldn’t send them out right away

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