anatomy of a mix tape/things for sale


Before we get into the paypal stuff, I’m blogging again so please visit Museum of Mistakes if you want to waste some time.

(update: only books left, no prints, sorry! more to come later)

$25 signed and doodled book and 4 page mini comic:

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20 thoughts on “anatomy of a mix tape/things for sale”

  1. Hey, I just heard North Country Fair yesterday* and I remembered what a great tune it is.

    *at the Starbucks

  2. Aaah! You’re awesome. Bought your book last week in Augusta, Maine. This right here cements why I bought yours and just read the other ones. Thirty-something family-type dudes with unnecessary nostalgia issues can relate to you. Hope that doesn’t depress you too much.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s great! Also, if your mom got you to listen to Dylan too, I can forgive her the Denver thing 😉

  3. I’ve been reading your stuff from the start and it’s all gradually getting better and better as time passes on. I’ll definitely be throwing money your way.

  4. after making 5 mixed cds this week for a roadtrip, it was all i could do to not spurt wine through my nose when I read this. glad to know that all of my mixes got an A+ in meeting the required categories.

  5. KA-CHING!
    Thank you, Julia and thank you, shitty US dollar!

    ps. Thank you, English degree, for convincing me during this time of unparalelled parity between currencies, not to invest in US dollars for when it swings back, but to buy American books instead! Goooooo self-inflicted poverty!

  6. I’ve been putting off buying this until you did something like this. I’m so excited now I may vomit.

    So your comics make me want to vomit, in the good way.

  7. Gotta watch that stuff your parents introduce you to. I didn’t listen to popular music at all growing up, until about 7th grade when I was in my english classroom and had everyone looking at me like I just shat out garden gnome because I was playing Carly Simon’s “The Love’s Still Growing” as one of my “favorite songs.”

    While I still enjoy some Carly every once in a great while, I’ve since grown a musical taste more befitting of my age and sexual preference.

  8. Hey Julia,
    Ordered the doodled book/ cd combo. I suppose I will pass along the copy I bought from Amazon to my friends to enjoy and spread the word. Looking forward to my doodle and cd!

  9. I just ordered both prints and the mix CD. I own every book you’ve done. I’m not sure why but I really relate to your stories. My life is very different (42 male high school teacher), but there is something about you and your stories that I identify with. You write it, I’ll buy it!! You, along with Lucy Knisley and Jennie Breeden, have become my favorite writers.

  10. Hi Julia!
    So excited to order your book! Just wondering.. the info in the middle of the prints says that for $40 it comes with the Mix Tape print, but the button says the record print. Can I get the Mix Tape print if I order the $40 package?

  11. Awesome new strip. Finished the book weeks ago, but I have a quick question and don’t know if anyone else has asked. I noticed that you draw your brother Josh differently now, (unless I’m crazy?) Was this on purpose?


  12. This is the first art form of any kind I’ve seen in a very long time that has car passengers wearing seat belts.

  13. hi Kristen- the ordering buttons have been redone so maybe this time they’ll be right, and things can be added individually. If it doesn’t work or you want something different, email me at juliawertz(at)gmail(dot)com

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