14 thoughts on “parental visit 2010”

  1. Your mom seems nice and she has your best interests at heart! Listen to your mom.


    Not Your Mom (not even anyone who your mom talked to and said “talk some sense into her, willya?”)

  2. Well that was fun – time to send in a tip about child-porn. We already know how tolerant people are of child porn on the internet. Ask Paul Rubens.

  3. My mother is the same way. For some reason, I believe she is under the assumption that males also have a “biological clock”. Being 26 and single is no time for grand-babies, but I’ve found that calling her a Grandma usually postpones those talks until a later date.

  4. imagine you were watching Back to the Future Two in the cinema for the first time, and you saw this comic strip in it, and were left with the impression that in 2010 all parental visits were like this

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