the bear incident


today I joined twitter because I heard that’s what are the kids are on about these days. Next I’m gonna buy me one of those portable telephone things you can carry in your pocket because it doesn’t have a chord whaaaat! how dat work?!

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23 thoughts on “the bear incident”

  1. Oh, I love that definition of friend. Can I use it as my official definition? 😀

    Just noticed that my daily routine changed from wake up, garfield, xkcd, abstruse goose, fart party, ctrl-alt-del to wake up, garfield, fart party, abstruse goose, xkcd, ctrl-alt-del. Maybe I should by the upcoming books so I must not go to the pc after waking up and fart party comes to the first I look at after opening my eyes 😛

  2. man… that blows huge dicks, lady! I’m pretty much a total little whipping bitch for my best friends, and I love it. But there are precious few of them, it’s true.

  3. Instead of visiting 27,000 websites manually via bookmarks, add them to an RSS reader like Google Reader or FeedDemon. You’ll save a ton of time.

  4. I learned a whole lot of gay wildlife terminology in my time in DC…wolves, for example, are skinny bears. Otters are slightly less hairy, or perhaps only hairy in one place. Santorum is another fun gay word — definitely worth googleing.

  5. i think i looked up “DC Green Lantern” one time and got a gay bar in DC.

    never went back to hal jordan again!

  6. I was way ahead on the bear curve after an innocent image search for “polar bears” a few years back.

  7. You got away lightly. A friend of mine was well into snorkelling, water-skiing, and all that stuff. The first thing he ever googled when he got on the internet was “water sports”.

  8. This is the very reason John Waters’ films are needed in this world to educate the masses. I didn’t know about this bear stuff untill I watched A Dirty Shame.

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