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  1. – Holy hell… warheads.. Totally forgot about those. I remember people who were too big of a pussy to eat those.

    – “Snap into a Slim Jim” was supposed to promote the idea that they were fresh and dried sticks of jerky instead of the floppy, slimey sticks of random assmeats that they were.

    – I did not know you could do that w/a Lily! I used to suck the ends of the petals of red clover because they tasted sweet: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Trifolium_pratense_bgiu.jpg

  2. All that sugar, you probably bid a fond farewell to your teeth as well.

    Oh, and we got the nectar from honeysuckle flowers.

  3. Holy crap. I forgot about those pizza fruit roll ups. My parents were so healthy I never ate them, but I recall one fun sleepover at a friends house, stuffing my face with junkfood. And those flowers… at a playground, my favorite hangout was sitting next to this fence that was covered in them. And there were so many fun halloweens, daring friends to eat Warheads. It was the most fun when they didn’t know what they were.

    Man! I had friends when I was little!

  4. I remember Chum Gum, Abba Zabba, Juji Fruits at the movies, those little hard ones. Gold Cup, Pez, and Double Bubble are a few more. As far as the organic snacks I’ve been known to eat a few pill bugs, they have a sour snap to them. We had some sort of plum tree that grew in front of our house, a little scrawny thing that produced some very tart plums every spring. It was the spring ritual to go out and try to collect the biggest and best ones. Some of these could be almost as sweet as the store bought ones but much more satisfying for their wild nature. Of course the best ones always inhabited the highest branches and it was an all consuming pastime for an eight year old boy to try and figure out how to get at them. Spring in So. Cal. before tyhe crushing multitudes when you could still collect shells at Corona Del Mar and bring them home and the Balboa Island Amusment Park was new and They still sold taco strips down at the Newport Pier. Mind candy was Orange Sunshine and I ate rice but no beans.

  5. Man, War Heads, so great. I ate so many of those in middle school once that the top layer of skin on my tongue corroded off in the middle.

  6. You can get a lot of candies I had assumed had ceased being manufactured at Economy Candy on Essex Street on the LES. The one I was most shocked to see was still available was the “Gold Rush” candy. yellow sugar coated irregular chunks of chewing gum in a little fabric cinch bag like a miner’ 49er’ would have.

  7. I bade farewell to “Darrell Lea traditional soft liquorice”

    But only because I finished the last packet and haven’t got a replacement yet.

    2 hours and counting.

  8. I loved Fun Dip, Pop Rocks and Jolt Cola as a kid. Pure awesome. And, like DW, we used to get our nectar out of honeysuckle blooms. Ahh, memories…

  9. I snorted in a most unbecoming fashion at “Vicodin.” Fuckin’ brilliant.

    JC Frankie: holy crap, last time I saw that shit was 40 YEARS AGO. Think this place might have my youthful hopes and dreams in the back room?

  10. Also, Sara, you woudn’t be a hulkamaniac because it was “the Macho Man” Randy Savage who was really excited for you to snap slim jims. But I don’t think you can be a Machomaniac. But hey, this is America, you can be whatever you want.

  11. my favorite story about a wrestler is that when my friend was in a band, on tour, one of his bandmates had read the autobiography of Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and every day he would find some way to work in “You know, as Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura says…” because of course you can’t just say his name.

    That is apropos of nothing really.

    I miss candy cigarettes. There were two kinds: the weird thin ones with the red tip, and the ones that were gum powdered with cornstarch and wrapped in paper. I liked the latter because when you puffed on it, the cornstarch would blow out like smoke.

  12. Warheads FTW. Used to kick wrappers around at school, and if one ever sailed out of reach, it was an instant free-for-all. I loooove seedlings gumballs, hollow fruit shaped gum with nonpareils inside. Sadly, I grew up in an “all natural” house, so not much childhood candy.

  13. I grew up in an ‘all natural” house too where sugar was strictly banned and the only time we were allowed to have it was on our birthdays when we got one box of cereal. Do you think that stopped me? hell no, rules are for babies.

  14. BooBerry is what I gave up for the Lent that is known as adulthood. And yes, gave up is the appropriate phrase as you can still get the sweet, sweet crack, I mean cereal.

    But really, peas in the bathtub? May as well add vegtables to the stinky kid broth to make a proper soup…What the hell did you do with those paes anyway, aside from clog the drain?

  15. Whoooo! Finally caught up! Totally enjoyable read, and it took 3 days worth of free time and procastination to get here. Julia, you’re ridiculously, freakishly awesome. Keep up the great work!

    I remember getting Fruit-A-Bursts all the time when I was a kid. Tastiest gum ever, but it seems like whoever I bring it up to has no fucking clue what I’m talking about.

  16. God just thinking about Warheads is making the back of my throat go crazy. It’s like I can feel them! They set my teeth on edge, that’s sure

  17. Don’t know any of the snax seeings as how I’m British, but totally agree with the flower nectar. I know why bees go crazy for that shit. And I haven’t grown out of it and I’m 39! Lilies are good

  18. how about those stupid candy dots on the wax paper? No matter how hard I would try it was impossible to get those off without getting paper stuck on them!

    Also the “juice” (and I use that term lightly) in the wax bottles?

  19. You can suck the nectar out of honeysuckle too.
    I am old now and Blow-pops hurt my teeth.
    Cookie crisp is still a part of my diet though.

  20. Ha, the paper that was stuck to the back of the dots was probably better for you than the dots.

    I forgot to add Mystery flavour DumDums! How did I forget them, they’re the sole reason I go to the bank.

  21. i also grew up in a household where there was no sugar, but now i try some of that stuff and i’m glad! those little barrel shaped sugar water things that cost like, three cents? ew! (my parents weren’t superstrict hippies or something, but i had to have 100% juice, absolutely no even remotely sweet cereal, etc.)

    morbidly curious about the frozen peas, however.

    my boyfriend and i got some warheads before a movie recently cuz i usually get sour patch kids. holy shit, they’re still as sour as ever but that sour dust tastes like plastic, it’s kinda gross. and yet, you can’t help it.

    i told him the same thing i tell everyone, the only warheads story i know – my dad’s bff has a daughter a little younger and a son a little older than me. when i was little we used to all hang out a lot. she couldn’t handle the sour so she used to make him suck all the sour stuff off and then she’d eat the sweet candy. this used to totally fucking skeeve me out.

  22. Am I alone here in being old enough to remember Howard Cosell’s ads for Slim Jim?

    “You either love them or you don’t. I don’t love them.”

  23. Macho Man Randy Savage “Snap into a Slim Jim” lol I do remember that one. And no, I don’t know what that means. They aren’t exactly snappy.

  24. Aww man, I remember Warheads. We used to eat them all the time in 1st grade. We used to have a playground hierarchy based on what flavor you were able to endure (we believed that Black Cherry was the most powerful because the wrapper was black and red, thus meaning it was spawned from Hell itself… because we were 7).

    I stopped eating them when a Warhead Sucker bored a hole in my tongue.

    Good times. Gooooooooood times.

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