28 thoughts on “all the time”

  1. oh god this is me, too. thank god for the internet, so pyjama’d shut-ins all over can unite without ever leaving the comfort of that one spot where using the laptop is the most perfectly comfortable experience ever.

  2. nice (your) right facial structure in the final panel… havent seen that before… exceptional. anyhoo… i ordered volume two and now i want volume three. when’s it coming out? [dancing alone: woo-hoo]

  3. Hey, I do the same thing! Except…no one ever calls me…*sob*

    I just stay home and re-read old “Fart Party” comics (oh, what a suck-up I am) between my home-version karaoke re-creations of show tunes sung into a spoon (sometimes I use a highlighter or a flashlight as my microphone).

  4. fucking a right.

    (if i spend months away from your site, then i can read a whole bunch of shit like i like to. while i’m being a hermit. anyway, i hope you’ve discovered all the wonders of internet television and had at least some luck in the way of a web designer. i’m only of the print kind, unfortunately.)

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