the day I killed Jesus


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29 thoughts on “the day I killed Jesus”

  1. I had an ex girlfriend who repeatedly tried to kill herself by swallowing entire bottles of Tylenol.

    Much to her disappointment, after she finally called poison control on the sixth attempt to ask if Tylenol could kill people, she was told that all it does is destroy your liver.

  2. it will take me until friday, but i am so buying a copy of this. i have seen the rebobs and i never ever go up there again. to this day. even in broad daylight.

  3. That’s hilarious! I had that same gap in MY table. My mom would make us take obscene amounts of vitamins every day. Turns out, my brother was stashing them there for a whole YEAR. When we moved, they spilled all over the floor. Hundreds of them. Thanks for that!

  4. Destroyed liver = long slow painful death. And I can’t think of a worse place for a PSA (okay, maybe 4chan), but Tylenol + alcohol = much higher chance of slow painful death. On the other hand, Jesus should be able to turn Tylenol into delicious jelly beans.

  5. Dear God don’t mention 4chan. Don’t lead them to fart party, they’d make Wertz quit the business! Or she’d just be made the new queen…

  6. KSMeiner thinks you can live without your liver. Give me your liver KSMeiner – you don’t need it and it might save future generations from your genes. Give it up now KSMeiner. We want your liver NOW. (so does Steve Jobs)

  7. My mom always warned me about the hippies in the woods. I had no idea what the hell they were. I assumed some kind of dangerous bear-like creature that ate kids.

  8. Please, no more spice references. I don’t actually know much about them, in fact it’s all Greek to me. Besides, it’s hard to fit in more puns like I did before.

    Err, sorry. I don’t mean to O-Fenugreek visitors.

  9. I used to hide celery sticks and bologna in my popple because my brother and I would have “picnics” after my parents put us to bed when we shared a room. Fun fact, I still sleep with my popple, but I don’t hide food in her pouch anymore, because I live on my own and can eat whatever I want whenever I want: I am the awesomest 27 year old ever!

  10. That flying monkey thing made my stomach flip over! Not good.

    Oh yeah, just read Vol 2 of FP and was wondering why “The History of Gold Mining” makes a cameo in a lot of your tableau pics? (If I were a cartoonist, I guess “The Land of Laughs” would be around in quite a few of mine).

  11. dude, popples are awesome i totally still have one and also this one time i found a vitamin under the edge of a chair at my mom’s house from my sister (11 years younger than me). so i went to pick it up and found some more. so we moved the furniture and found like 20-something half sucked rotting vitamins all over the place.


  12. Ahh, the Rebobs. I once went waaaaay back in Partriks (is that how you spell it?) road. I got too scared to go all the way to the back.

  13. Haha this reminds me of The Outsiders when the guy was like “What do you guys do for fun around here? Play checkers?”

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