the art of procrastination


I basically just look at one bedroom apartments in San Francisco and then get my panties all in a bunch over “newly remodeled kitchens” with shitty faux granite counter tops and ugly ikea cupboards. Stop remodeling them kitchens! I want a kitchen with this oven.
Then I look for cabins along the Oregon coast and get all lost in my dreams for a future where I make honey and moonshine in my basement and own perpetual kittens. (those are kittens who never become cats) Then I eat lunch.

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  1. Seriously, kitchens are losing their charm to the ugly standard of granite and crappy cupboards. I guess these modern kitchens come with a free slap chop. Seals the deal.

  2. Ha Ha.. I do the same thing.. I also look at all the cars on the street.. and houses in Los Angeles and wonder how so many people can afford to live here. A dumpy run-down house in the ghetto here costs $300,000 even with the recession. 😛

    I thought I found a loophole in the LA real estate scam by getting a house boat… I used to spend a lot of time (I don’t have) looking at barges with the idea of converting them into a huge house boat mansion.
    But docking costs here are equally insane.

    We’re all apart of our apartments and they are apart of we.

  3. Google street view is terrible for sucking me in in a similar manner (re: neighborhoods in far away lands where I’d like to live).

  4. I love how you have what looks like a postcard retail sales rack. It makes me feel like your place is a gift shop, and that I can buy stuff out of it. And on second thought, I guess I do.

  5. I used to live in an apartment with that oven. After we moved out, they renovated all ugly-style. Boo.

  6. OK. I effing love your dream of living in the oregon cabin. And yes, the crappy kitchens are crappy. I sell remodeled granite countetop kitchens for a living and they ain’t worth it! Everyone really wants the vintage ones that were ripped out for the faux Ikea junk.

  7. You’ll probably tell me to go fuck myself, but I can tell you from experience that no “thing” can give you what you’re looking for. I look at your life and think “man, I’d love to live in New York, be a published author and the freedom to do my art.” You have that! The grass is always greener, and it keeps us from enjoying what we’ve got already. You have an awesome life. And at the end of the day, a stove is just a stove, and they all cook your food the same way. At least you’re not wasting away in some cubicle wondering what happened to your youth. Someday you’re going to get it all, and you’ll realize that you’re still you, wherever you go and whatever you have.

  8. I really like comics like this one, ones that take a somber, introspective tone. I like your silly ones too, but I can really relate to the claustrophobic vibe you’ve got going on.

    I occasionally write for a local zine, and it always makes me uncomfortable when people say they can relate to what I consider a very personal story, like it kind of cheapens the legitimacy of what I’m going through if every directionless 20-something is going through it. Regardless, that’s exactly how I feel about comics like these, so thanks for sharing your work.

  9. Would you be satisfied with a “Dwarf Cat” like a skookum? Or do you mean an immortal kitty?

    I have a sixteen-year-old cat with a kittenish face, but she’s got an extremely long body and tail. She’s a longhair, so you don’t notice her face until you pet her fur back a bit.

    You have a beautiful black-and-white room, there.

  10. Hey, here’s one way of looking it: if you don’t complain then you really have nothing to look forward to. Hope comes from despair.

  11. Holy shit, I think that’s the piano keyboard cat used!

    In all seriousness, that is a really great drawing.
    I would write a long, heartfelt response, but I’m too lazy to.
    So, I’ll just say, ditto to what Jen said.

  12. I totally concur with Jen! When I was a college student all I could dream about was a apartment with more then one room and without the extra roomie. Now, closing in on 30, and with a really well-paid job and a luxurious apartment, all I can think about is beeing a 20-something fuckhead again without responsibilities :)

    I got Fart Party vol. 2 in the mail today and I read it in one sitting – you’re gold when it comes to depicting the everyday moments in a perfectly paced and funny way!

  13. Mo’ money, mo’ problems.
    Less money, mo’ problems.
    But at least you don’t look like a jerk when you take free stuff from people.

  14. P.S. Josh is really deep.

    “I hate it people are empathetic! Ugh! By the way, I’m really feeling your pain in this one…”

    Ah, don’t you love the paradox we call humanity?

  15. You drew yourself differently. Please tell me the events that transpired in uncomfortable eavesdropping aren’t getting to you.

  16. Josh wasn’t really paradoxical. He just said “I get how you feel, but I also know it’s iritating as hell to have people tell you they get how you feel. So, yea.”

  17. Those ovens are easily 3 times as expensive as new ones….especially when they’re refurbished originals rather than newly made “retro” appliances.

    The preeminent brand of retro kitchen gear in Europe is, believe it or not, “Smeg.” Yes…Smeg. Not exactly appetizing, but definitely hilarious…

  18. perpetual kittens? too cute….that stove ROCKS……and I too am guilty of looking at quaint lil shacks that Ill never afford but seeing as I live in Oregon, looking at the ones on the coast here aint quite so bad lol

  19. Are you kidding me, a Chambers stove? That is such a weird coincidence. My mom is INSANE about those stoves. She has like 10 of them and she’s refinishing them all. I don’t think she has a white one yet though!

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