quick sketches/January hate


I’m not changing the style of Fart Party, I just decided to post some of my sketchbook comics. I will probably freak out and take it down or maybe go to the movies and eat a burrito. Here’s a picture of that swing

ps. someone just reminded me that I bitched about last January too. I’m drawing myself in circles over here

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  1. You’re regular Fart Party stuff is entertaining and tough and angsty and that’s cool. This comic was interesting and real and really good and that trumps cool in my book. Thanks for sharing. No reason this kind of work cannot stand next to the ‘regular’ Fart Party “style”.

  2. I know, right? what the hell is wrong with January? it’s like it got dumped and lost its metro card all on the same day. But that day is a month long.

  3. Dammit, now I’m going to play internet doctor for real. It looks like the Brooklyn botanic garden is free on weekdays through February. I used to hang out at the Lincoln Park conservatory when I lived in Chicago and winter was getting me down. I can’t say it was much less lonely but it’s warm, and not a tiny studio apartment. For what that’s worth.

  4. Ahh, Brooklyn winter. How nice the hopelessness is.

    Are you going to do the Hourly Comics? This reminded me of them.

  5. January sucks so hard. And ALWAYS. Seriously, I always wonder why I look forward to December/January in Summer. It’s this romantic feeling of snow and hot coco and stuff. And then when it is actually January it bitchslaps me very very hard. Right in the face. So yeah, I feel your pain. And I need a haircut too.

  6. This is a visual poem.

    One of your best works, IMHO.

    So good, it prompted me to post a comment for the first time. I think, given the choice, I’d buy a book of these over a book of your regular comics.

    Don’t get me wrong; I love your usual stuff, too. But this is damn close to perfection.

  7. Sometimes folks like the Fartoons, and some folks appreciate the Farticles, too.

    Not finishing the books is upsetting.

  8. Seriously, I love funny comics, but this really hit me where I live. Very moving and beautiful. Making good art is what loneliness is all about.

  9. I really love this one.
    And I think that the contrast between this and your normal comics is part of what gives it such a strong impact.

    It’s melancholy, but in an almost peaceful way.

  10. This is cool.
    January in Chicago sucks hard too. I try to convince myself that there’s nothing wrong with being a complete hermit.

    It also occurred to me that maybe I don’t have seasonal depression, maybe everybody else around me does, and being around them just makes me depressed. Then I remembered that I haven’t been around anybody all month, so I guess I’m pretty much just boned.

  11. I would be able to empathize if I wasn’t listening to so much drowning pool, but good comic nonetheless.

  12. I don’t know who this other Alison is, but I’m changing my comment name.
    I love these comics, it’s a nice change. Particularly in January.

  13. Somebody needs a puppy. Maybe you can find one of those on the street as well.

    I’m like to think that you’re not alone in your January doldrums. Pretty much everyone rues it. Unless you’re some kind of up-and-coming hipster filmmaker and you got your film into Sundance or something like that.

    Even movies that take place during winter are pretty much depressing as a general rule. This week I watched ‘Fargo’, ‘Nobody’s Fool’ with Paul Newman, ‘The Human Stain’, and ‘Winter Passing’. This was not on purpose, but as “good” as they were they all made me want to run away and join the French Foreign Legion afterward. Winter just does that.

  14. January blahs. My cure: the tanning salon. The artificial rays will nourish your mind, body, and soul, and you will look like you’ve been to Mexico. Skin cancer, you say? You’ve got to give a little to get a little.

  15. haha
    i got know idea what you whiners are talking about, january rocks! granted, i live in australia and it’s 35+ degrees (celsius) every day down here, ha ha!
    i think you all need to toughen up a little, we get winter here too, y’know, but this feels like it’s turning into a bloody japanese suicide site!
    harden up, emos!

  16. the tanning salon? hahaha oh man that’s funny on so many levels. 1. because I actually hate tans, I mean, who the fuck pays to look like an orange and 2. I”m content with the whole pallor of death thing I’ve got going on and also, why would anyone want to look like they’ve been to mexico? i’m not on spring break or in high school. but I could use some OTC vicodin.

  17. Julia, you may not like tans, but I have to say, you looked great in that old pic where you were going out, in the skirt and all and you were quite lovely tanned.

  18. Is it legal to mail vicodin? I just got my wisdom teeth removed, so I have tons. Feh, tans! NOTHING is worth skin cancers. It warms my heart knowing that all those girls who think they’re hot shit now are gonna be wrinkly and cancerous in a few years. White is right!

  19. “OTC vicodin”

    hehehe. I was sitting here for a couple minutes wondering what the fuck OTC meant. Then I remembered you were talking about Mexico, and then thinking back at my own experiences in Mexico I realized you meant Over The Counter. Then I felt stupid because I’ve seen commercials on tv for Claritin OTC. I just never put that together.

    But shit, I used to bring back heart meds for my ancient neighbor with no hassle. I even went into a restaurant in Puerto PeƱasco, Mexico near Arizona that had a dish by the cash register filled with pills and a little card that said “please take one” They were fucking Viagra. No lie.

  20. Wow, that’s a really great sketch…I like the departure from the regular content. I would definitely like to see more of this stuff.

  21. this is almost how i feel right now..im under stress trying to find a high school and meanwhile one of the schools i really really like is having finacial problems. But enough of what i feel i think your comics are really awesome this post!(im not saying the other ones are not awesome) i like the hair on panel 7.

  22. Thank you! I especially love how you look in the mirror and expect to look old. I always look forward to your work. Here in AK,the winter months feel very much like this.

  23. this is why i keep coming back to your site, you never know what the next comic will be like. this is full of melancholy but still beautifull.
    i gotta say my favourite style is still the quick draw cartoons, but this is fantastic.

  24. But Fart-Party-Lady, peanut butter/jelly and pizza rock so hard!

    It’s like saying, “I’ll be trapped in a room for 72 hours and all I’ll have to watch is the first nine seasons of The Simpsons.”

  25. This is lovely and intimate and serves to remind the rest of us that we are not alone in feeling trapped and poor and lonely.

  26. i love it cause it’s so honest. that’s exactly how i feel during winter. i also lik this different style of yours, real nice!

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