embarrassing bike ride


this happened early last week while taking internet orders to the post office, so if you ordered something and it arrived a little banged up, that’s why. sorry! If you ordered something and never got it, email me at juliawertz(at)gmail(dot)com

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31 thoughts on “embarrassing bike ride”

  1. come on lady, we don’t come here for sap!

    i kid, i kid… ever plan on moving back to SF? that’s hopefully where me and the lady friend will end up. NYC seems super rad, but man… fuck cold weather.

  2. laura- I wont ever love NY as much as SF, but I’m definitely more fascinated by NY. But it’s the kind of fascination where once I’ve had enough, I’ll be ready to go back to sleepy san francisco, which has just enough crazy to keep me from being bored, but not as much crazy as NY that just constantly boggles my mind.
    mike- both bike and I were fine, it just jostled the boxes off which burst open on the street.

    “My brother made up a song when he was a kid, but it was really just him saying “come on you dirty punk” over and over again.”

    haha i like that song

  3. I got my makers mark notebook! People took notice in a meeting yesterday. Turned into a classic exchange: “Worse than being an alcoholic, like me.” “You’re not a– wait, is that a bottle of makers?!” “Well, at least he’s not a fukin tool!”

    Also, yay for bike. Thinking about it I’m surprised there wasn’t a comic about receiving it from SF. Hehe, via bike-mail.

  4. SF and NY both rock – shame they’re so far apart. Though SF is top in my book (I’m not moving).

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying it now though. When I moved to London it was a full year before I really began to enjoy it (beyond the first month honeymoon when I got myself into even more debt).

  5. {Sigh.} I kind of know the feeling. I really enjoyed college…and saw a lot of Picard star trek while there.
    If I watch star trek NG now, I usually have to say: TR, snap out of it! You’re not in your fun college years, anymore. Darn my nostalgia fits.

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