44 thoughts on “surprises”

  1. LOL! This is by far the funniest comic you’ve posted since i started following your site. Hilarious. I normally don’t give two shits about celebrities but being face to face with Silverman would have had me stuttering like a moron.

  2. oh, man. today’s comic cracked me up. I mean, you know, getting pissed on by a squirrel really sucks, but at least you can get a hilarious comic out of it, right? most people don’t have that “luxury.”

  3. Sara Silverman?! Lucky! She’s my other hero.

    Next time I see a squirrel I’ll pee on him, us humans can’t take that shit from stupid aminals that can’t even contribute to society. (in a world where the irish can invent whiskey you’d think some stupid pea-brained rodentia could invent *something* cool)

    Seriously though “I almost shit my pants…” – I almost fell out of my chair, didn’t see it coming…

  4. i like how you made sure to let us know the surprise is that you made it rather than the surprise(s) you made in the toilet.
    that “phew” relief face is so spot-on.

  5. i like the poop shuffle! and rad on meeting SS, but way to fuck up her day.

    she’s famous! she gets anything she wants!

    serves her right for getting something besides good ol’ green tea though.

  6. I have two poop stories, here goes… A friend in college held a poop for 2 hours while he drove home, then he sat down to poop, and farted really huge. Also, my girlfriend’s aunt pooped in a hole at the park in front of her nephew.

  7. Clearly Sarah Silverman put laxatives in your sandwich in retaliation for not having the tea she wanted. Realizing this the squirrel warned you…THE ONLY WAY HE KNEW HOW! But it was too late! Or I guess, almost too late. Congratulations on making it home in time!

  8. When we were kids my little brother and I where with some friends on thier boat. He needed a poop so he went for a swim. He went the wrong way and as we all sat on the boat eating our lunch the longest turd ever made my a 12 year old floated right past.

  9. hey! i was that guy who recognized you on the street! i am immortalized in comic form! i still can’t believe no one has ever recognized you in public before… hope you weren’t weirded out too much. i think i look less decrepit and more innocent in cartoon form…

    and i got peed on the head by a squirrell a few days later in mccarren park. twice.

  10. Holy shit. i know this is a year year but fuck I am drinking this whole bottle of wine in San Francisco and it is 1.10 am and I am reading through the archives and you said “tree rat motherfucker” and I laughed so hard I choked, the vomited on my floor.

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