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  1. Last night I had the same sort of experience about my new city Pittsburgh. ‘Cept I just had a good time seein’ a band, no awesome ridiculousness.

  2. Nothing provides perspective quite like a sad clown. Or a sad guy in a balloon hat of sadness presumably made by a sad clown.

  3. I lived in Brooklyn for a year. It kind of killed me a little. I left. I’m glad you’re experience is looking up though.

  4. I’ve been living in Queens for the past four months and I’ve been feeling the same way. I’ve yet to encounter my own proverbial depressed balloon man, but I still have hope: I’m gonna move to Brooklyn instead.

  5. Carter- you should have stuck it out, it’s worth being killed a little bit.
    Zoe, yeah it is but I sometimes kinda sorta work for them, that’s how it got there.
    I hope the 5th of July is better than the 4th of July. It usually is.

  6. I’ve just moved to an island and I’m also searching for my crying balloon man. All we’ve had so far is a live-in gekko and 8 million bats blackening the sky in leathery-winged silence every sunset.

    ps. New reader, love the comic, keep shootin’.

  7. Ms. Wertz, if you are not careful, ‘finding my crying balloon man’ shall become the catchphrase for transplants trying to come to terms with their new city. You’ll be bigger than lolcats.

    Fart on Julia…

    …Fart on.

  8. I guess the difference is that in San Francisco, the crying balloon man would probably be the LEAST weird/hilarious thing you’ve seen all day.

    I’ve only lived here a year, and frankly I can’t see tearing myself away any-damn-time soon. Of course that probably changes once you’ve lived here forever…

  9. Sean, I just recently moved to Pittsburgh as well. It’s growing on me. I noticed that it has a nice central location that is within a reasonable driving distance of other cool places. It’s similar to how it was when I lived in Phoenix. I could go to Vegas or LA or Mexico for a weekend.

    Sorry to be off topic, but I hope it works out for you.

    I’m also very glad to see Julia liking NY. Now I’m really curious to know what the balloon hat man was crying about. Maybe his balloons were full of curry Indian food farts and one popped in his face.

  10. Did you guys know that Julia got her name changed to sno-cone at the hall of records today? I know it’s weird. I don’t understand either. but be sure to call her that!

  11. Has no one considered that the balloon man might be fresh out of a recently-ended Fart Party?

    Maybe the gas got in his eyes, or *his* balloons simply didn’t empty as desired?

  12. austin godddammit! well, I guess when I leave this neighborhood, the only thing I will miss is people calling me snowflake. having you call me sno-cone is an unacceptable substitution.

  13. i just had a search for the “crying balloon man” day here in my new home in boston (jp) – didn’t find him. nothing is quite like SF or sonoma county. we got good bread, good wine, good friends, speakeasy brewery, fog, lack of harvardisque assholes in khaki’s and blue shirts (there’s shit-tons of them all over boston). blah, home alone on a saturday night is a sad place – still waiting for a sign…
    – thanks for making life a wittier place!

  14. I’m glad you finally noticed!
    Its been driving me mad reading about how you don’t like Brooklyn!
    I lived there (Bushwick) for 1 1/2 months last year and I’d kill to be back there (your silly government doesn’t want me, I’m Australian). I’ll be back next year for a while but until then enjoy it for me!

  15. Holy crap that would have tore me up so bad…i mean dude has balloons, and well,in the shape of a HAT! and hes crying? what the hell man! if he cant find happiness,how can I?
    …Then again I was once having a very, very bad day and I was on the bus with like a billion crying babies (ok only two but one is more than enough) and this one old lady ripped one as she was getting off at her stop and it totally made my day.I had the biggest smile ever at work and no one knew why.


    A new fan ^^

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