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  1. Dude! I saw someone giving you the business in the NY Press! I put down my IPA and actually said, “why you gotta give her the business, man?”

  2. I have been told NOT to give advice, so please do not take the following statement as such, but rather as interesting point for ponderment.

    Self-pity, while generally perceived as a negative emotion, can in certain circumstances be healthy and productive. Besides giving you a momentary melancholy sense of importance, it does allow for some introspection, and if the feeling is painful enough, it can lead to action in order to avoid that feeling again. This has nothing to do with you Julia, since I don’t know you from billions of other people, but rather as an interesting (to me) discussion point on what is otherwise seen as a one-dimensional emotion.

  3. you know what that comment reminds me of? when I had to write essays on books I didn’t read in high school so I wrote a bunch of bullshit gibberish that didn’t make any fucking sense. I give you an A+ for irritation and an F- for being a jackass.

  4. what’s the furthest you would travel to someone’s gallery reception. I want to include famous or semi-famous or cool people just for a laugh to see if they’d show up

  5. That wasn’t an interesting point for ponderment at all! If it’s interesting points for ponderment you desire, stick this metaphorical chaw bewteeen your mental teeth and cheek:

    Who would win in a fight, Wolverine without healing powers but with the strength of the hulk, or a unicorn with Wolverine’s usual healing ability and an adamantium horn?

  6. My favorite thing that CDC said was “giving you a momentary melancholy sense of importance”. I think she had a dart board with important sounding words on it. Do you think you’ll ever come to Los Angeles for a comic book thingy? I would be ever so pleased.

  7. This! I want this blown up on a poster or painted on my wall.

    You should have a national pity party day, and we could all telecommute feel sorry for ourselves.

    I’m sorry life is fucking awful! But at least there’s beer!!!!!

  8. I’ll probably never go to LA for anything. If there’s one thing I hate more than New York, it’s Southern California. Yep, I’m THAT turd, who wishes southern and northern california were two separate states. that said, I’ll probably be down there someday, since I insist on making my life as miserable as I can.

  9. Wow… you know I think this comic could really easily be one of those things you see hung on peoples’ filing cabinets/walls/monitors at work… or in one of those emails passed around at work.

    Simple, yet effective, and applies to a broad range of people.

  10. I think the Unicorn would win, as healing ability is prettt hard to best, and Wolverine himself has had encounters with foes with hulkish strength. A couple of questions: is Wolverine a virgin, and does the virgin thing come into play here (unicorns laying down for virgins)? Also, a unicorn traditionally is pretty peaceloving, but I do believe it has fought a lion before, and although it was pretty well trounced, it must have picked up some nice pointers on fighting clawed enemies from that encounter. ALSO, Wolverine is Canadian, so although he would be extra obnoxious, he would have access to free health care, which may make him reckless.

    You were right, this is a way more interesting point to ponder.

  11. I agree. lets give southern california and texas back to mexico. we don’t want them anymore

  12. this comment is really late, but i just recently started reading fart party. i really like your comic, but you are a damn bitch, julia. your initial response to the comment from CDC was some fucking bitch shit. i know you are a self proclaimed bitch and ass. but you sounded so goddamn defensive. that comment from CDC was somewhat pretentious and unnecessary, but not really jackass. i thought you were one of those i dont give a fuck about bullshit bitches. which is something i fully respect. but maybe you are just a plain bitch.

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