I’m leaving tomorrow morning fir Brooklyn, so for all those who had missed orders, I’ll be mailing them today.
Mini comics will be available for purchasing online or at conventions and comic book stores around September/October. I will try to update during my month of couch surfing/apartment hunting in NY, but they may be sporatic. I wont be settled into an apartment until September, and it might take longer for my scanner & printer to make their way over to the east coast. a buncha lazy fuckers, they are.
to my dearest westcoasters, I bid you all a semi-fond fairwell (no more fog! whooo! i’m off to different types of insufferable weather) and I will see many of you in October at SPX, but for those of you who I wont see for a long time, I’ll, you know, miss you & shit.
later suckers!

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20 thoughts on “goodfuckingbye!”

  1. Just wait until you move and the cultural shock of New York hits yea. That is when Cali is going to hit ya. That and the savages don’t even have an In-N-Out Burger there. However luckily they might let you back into the People’s Republic of California to visit if you dot your Is and cross your Ts on your paperwork.

    But then again was born and raised in Washington State and talking smack about California and Californians is a way of life for us. At least your not going to buy an SUV and move to the new urban sprawl suburbs and have a litter of screaming kids.

  2. the cultural shock of NY isn’t too different from SF, i’ve spent a lot of time in NY before, so it’s not like I’m moving to some unknown town. and i dont eat fast food, so the whole no in-n-out thing wont matter.
    and california bashing is super gay, because northern california always get lumped into southern california even though they’re completley different. actually, i find almost all location bashing to be totally retarded and unclever because it’s like “I was born here and you were born there so i’m gonna hella make fun of there, because it’s not here! face!”

  3. bye juliaaaaaa. have a safe trip, etc.etc.
    oh, and … (psssst. first kiss comic?) just curious, but no real rush :)

  4. lolz, man, i ain’t heard face in forever. i would love to see new york. but i have a feeling any place i live i will wind up hating.

  5. that’s so interesting to me, i wrote such a similar thing when i moved FROM brooklyn TO sf about 5 years ago. ahhhh. memories.

  6. oh…yeah…sarah…I totally forgot to tell you that I’ll be staying at your house this weekend, in fact, I’ll be there tomorrow night, hope you don’t mind! cheers!

  7. uh, yeah i guess thats cool. hopefully i can do something about the bedbugs by tomorrow night. i hear they like footwounds too so better heal that shit up fast!

  8. I was in SF from Wednesday until this afternoon. Sorry I didn’t like buy you lunch or something.

    Safe journey, J and best wishes for everything good to come your way. You might think that is totally geeky to say, but you know I mean it so shut up.

    If I’m in NY, I am totally insisting that you show me where to buy cheap beer.

  9. you bet your snack pack lovin’ ass I’m coming to Brooklyn! Hopefully winter or spring break.

  10. I liked this one, my sudden response was”aww”, It was kind of poetic “San Francisco was already just a memory”.

  11. I wish I had taken the time to go look at the ocean before moving away.

    In 1992–7 I lived near Sutro Heights Park. A couple of times I took LSD and went to watch the sunset from the cliff-top, with a couple of hand-drums.

  12. I was born near OB, and when I returned there, years later, it gave me no heart to see it again… it was odd, and I think I can totally relate to it (as I visited it on my last day there)

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