26 thoughts on “christmas spirit/turd”

  1. I know someone who actually did that. She gave me a card with a picture of a monster poo on it. I thought it was great, but I may be a little wierd too….

  2. HAHAHAHA! Looking at one’s shit is so much fun. And so educational, too. There are loads (pun intended) of valuable information in one’s shit.

  3. side note: did you know that in spain toilets are designed with a little shelf inside so you can inspect before it falls in the water? true fact!

  4. not only in spain! here, in poland, the land of vodka, pope (the dead one, not the one with scary eyes) and polar bears, you can also enjoy the view of your own feces. i’m so glad, i was born here…

  5. Julia, You know what I like about this strip?

    The scripting.

    Julia, regardless of the topic or joke or whatever else you want to consider here, this strip was scripted PERFECTLY.

  6. It’s funny how most of your fans/friends are obsessed with shit! You have created a mecca that Doo-Doo Heads (it’s like being a Deadhead…except you don’t smoke POT…you sit on one in apparent glee) can flock to and share their excrement. Just hope everyone is practicing good hygiene…

    But on a more serious topic: t2 is so correct—you are really a master at pacing and revealing information in your comics!

    Now where the hell is that painting I bought?! >kidding

  7. I mailed it last week, it should be there by now. if it got lost in the mail, I will cry tears of blood. i swear to god. if it’s not there in a few days, write me again, so I can have my spirit crushed just in time for x-mas.

  8. dear folks, weirdos and fecal fans,
    -no, I did not send it, nor did i take a picture. I have some decency!
    -if I ever go to spain, the first thing I’m doing is taking a dump
    -thanks for the kind words on the pacing, it’s nice when someone notices
    -I now work at a coffee shop, but I’m not gonna say which one. I’m afraid someone will mail me a turd there.

  9. i was going to compliment the juxtaposition of the title because one usually never thinks of those two things together but then i saw the comment about the pacing and i stopped and looked at the strip again and t2 was right on. that scripting is gold. that pause is money. and, once again, the expressiveness of those faces astounds me. rock and roll turd-burglar.

  10. a friend’s girlfriend had to get one of those cameras up the butt medical exams and sent out cards with a pic of her colon and the caption : merry christmas from a real asshole!

  11. WOW! The painting arrived today! Thanks for the speedy service! You are SOOO cool! I’m glad to know such a talented person (I’m serious)! It looks awesome! I highly recommend your paintings to ANYONE with a sense of humor, a sense of what’s great art, or just anyone with wall space that needs filling! It’s well worth the money!

  12. i like that you are wearing the plaid shirt now cause when i stayed with you over the summer thats what you really wore every day…and the hatts sweatshirt you stole from me in highschool

  13. I had one that was a good foot and a quarter long so I sent a pic of it to my little brother while I knew he was hooking up with his girlfriend of the time. Classic.

  14. Oh man! One time I pooped, and it was in the shape of a Y, so I took picture for my roommate Pat. He was absolutely creeped out. Then we high fived.

  15. That’s really funny! But the comic is also spooky. A lot of my conversations seem to end with people saying, “you’re weird” + walking away like that.

  16. A while ago, a buddy of mine took a shit that looked exactly like a question mark, little dot and all. He called me and our other roommate in to look at it. Then we got hammered. It was a good night.

    Hopefully it’s not too weird that I’m making all these comments like years late.

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