29 thoughts on “come-uppance”

  1. Oooo la la, stinking blood and disemboweled guts really ARE your forte!
    That Oliver is a pithy little lawyerly drunkard, I’d love to see you two behind the ring togther in a WWF smackdown. A miniature vulgar witted cartoonist vs a lanky dry humored hippie. Oliver could step towards defeat, one crock at a time.

  2. blowelle? ahahah! when did you come up with that gem? you’ll see a good match soon enough, trixl may have the lank and lawerliness to his advantage, but my miniture rage will not be defeated. I’ll leave miniture bitemarks all over his dry humor.
    and dan- I’ll be around burlington for a few weeks, we should do a “fart party vs potato and onion” comic

  3. blowelle, my little armchair anarchist. my humor is as moist as your granny panties on church days. Hippie? because you called me a hippie I will also eat one of your dogs when we come to visit.

    cage match?

  4. But Oliver, I don’t wear panties. I prefer to slime off the church pew in a hurry if need be…. you know, for a quick blow job or rimmer in the confessional.
    Plus some hugry homeless dude may want to lick up my pussy juice puddle. I like to do my part to end world famine.
    Go ahead, eat one my dogs. Just please make it Chumley. He’s old, gamey, and gassy.

  5. I suggest NO dirty stuff here, folks! Julia needs at least ONE PLACE where it can all just be about her comics! Otherwise, potential cash paying fans could be turned off by what they see here!

  6. I agree with Brian. Julia’s fans want to read comics about floors being mopped by decapitated heads with sticks poked through bloody eye sockets – any gross comments would undoubtedly make them run for the hills with their cash-laden wheel barrels bouncing along ahead of them.

  7. My cash-laden wheelbarrow skidded through a puddle of pussy juice and bounced off some hippy’s decapitated head, and now I have krugerrands scattered EVERYWHERE.

  8. “..twat, i cunt hear you…”

    Heh…cute. Old school. Well done.

    Anyway, if you guys don’t care what she wants, then I don’t either.

  9. I really don’t think that anyone who enjoys comics that reference abortions, diarrhea maks, shit samples in jars and vibrators is going to balk at a few dirty words in a comment stream. And even if they did, anyone dumb enough to blame the artist for comments left by random strangers on a website is probably too stupid to leave the house with out killing themselves.
    But all that said, I did forget about the mom reading thing. I blame Oliver. He’s a bad influence. So no more obsence words from me. Just allusions to obsecene activity.

  10. Well you’re right about the content of Julia’s stuff vs. her fans inability to be offended by such topics. But actually her weird stuff is funny because of the context she puts it in for a given story- that’s part of her talent. And personally I don’t care myself because I can’t be offended. It’s just that all the other stuff that gets posted is way off-topic and it’s like this site about her comics is being hijacked. But maybe I’m just a philistine and I should have my eyes plucked out.

  11. Today Jesus left the ranch early so I decided to go in and check out your web page.
    After reading every comic and 80% of the comments, I would like to say:
    Honey you are great!!! Keep up the good work and keep telling the truth as you see it. The world would be a better place if we all said what we felt more often.
    For those wondering I am not a religious nut, Jesus is our hispanic grounds keeper and family friend.

  12. dad! holy crap! first jonathan, now you! that means my ENTIRE FAMILY is reading these comics and leaving comments, from as far as Arizona. Well, thanks for the compliment, I never really thought your comments were negative, I know you just didn’t like the content much. I’m happy you’re reading them now. I’m still not sure I’d want grandpa reading them, but I’ll leave that up to you. Glad to hear Jesus is back, I hope everything at the ranch is going well.

  13. All is well here in Arizona. Jesus and I pruned 400 trees in the orchard last week and laid 18 yards of concret for a new shop area. I sold a couple of boats in Napa this week. Should be down to two boats soon. Maybe when you get back off your “undeserved” vacation you can come stay on the Sadie with us.
    You could feed some bread and beer to the ducks. Or you could come to the ranch and feed the dogs biscuits and beer. Did I tell you we are sellling the Chandler house…buying another smaller one.
    Hey if any of your readers have any money maybe they would want to stay at the B&B…we hope to open first of next year. Be well, Love Dad

  14. Ooo oo, Julia’s dad, I wanna stay at your rad ranch. I want to feed the dogs biscuits and beer and frolic with them in the dirt. And I want a special bed in the stable so I can sleep with the horses and I want your fattest most beer bloated duck to snuggle with.
    I’ll pay TOP dollar for such accomadations, or we can just call it even since I’m letting your hobo daughter sully my apartment for free.

  15. You want to sleep with my horses…I knew this kind of comic would bring out some odd types. How do you even know my horse would like you…”HE” is very picky about who stays in “HIS” stable. My best ducks are even more selective. As far as you lettting my daughter stay for free…I stopped that five years ago.
    I have read many of your responses freind…thanks for being such a good freind and supporter of my daughter. She needs supporters…”Jocky” makes some good ones.

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